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If people are generally friendlier the more rural one travels, then Zutshwa is exemplary of this truism.


Although a cellular communications tower has arrived in Zutshwa, there is still no electrical grid, nor paved roads, and water is often hard to procure. The lack of modern amenities and complications combined with the still wild and inspirational surroundings has in part shaped the people-loving character of this community. 

As their special guest, the community welcomes you to experience life in a remote Kalahari settlement.


Tanate Wilderness (Pty) works closely with the community of Zutshwa and the Qhaa Qhing Conservation Trust to develop sustainable tourism in the area. The collaborative efforts of community, Trust and Tanate have created jewellery workshops, capacity training, advocacy, development of the wilderness area and the implementation of the Zutshwa StopOver.

Tanate partners are also driving conservation research together with a remarkably skilled group of trackers from Zutshwa. They have conducted the first ever ground survey of wildlife in KD2 and now have their sights on larger goals to protect the Kalahari ecosystem.


You can contact Tanate Wilderness at

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